It’s a Groom Thing

By, Published Jun 5, 2012

Bridey’s, you’ve spent the last year or so (give or take) planning the big day. Your wedding dress is a stunner, you’ve been walking around in those lovely, sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes “breaking them in”, the cake is just the coolest thing ever, and you have the most amazing flowers, linens, chairs, band, etc. But how much does your groom know about your wedding day? How much does he know about what happens and when? Is he just going to show up at the venue or is he going to show up and freak out?

Ladies, you’d be amazed by what I like to call the “groom transformation”. Huh? Well, let me translate for you…. Let’s say that you are just the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, okay? And throughout the planning process your groom has been super supportive, encouraging, and has given you his nod of approval on all of the details. But, what you haven’t told him (in between all of the stories about the linens and charger plates, and the perfect menu cards) is about what will actually happen on the day of the wedding. You haven’t shared (and he hasn’t asked) probably the most important item of your wedding… the timeline of events. And because you haven’t filled him in on this ginormous detail, come your wedding day, the poor kid has NO IDEA where he is supposed to go and when, and starts to freak out. I mean, let’s face it girls, we all feel a bit uneasy when we are lost, and add that to all of the emotions you feel on your wedding day? Enter, “groom transformation”.

You know what happens next, right? The dude begins to meltdown! He is throwing a diatribe of questions to anybody who will listen, the sweat is beginning to circle his starched white shirt, and he is panicking, needlessly. Because all of the details HAVE been figured out, the timeline is all set, but sadly THE GROOM is the only person who doesn’t know where to go or what to do.

So, bridey’s, avoid this mess of emotions and stress for your very lovely and supportive groom. Walk him through the day ahead of time, letting him know where he is supposed to be and when he is supposed to be there. If you are working with a wedding planner, then make sure he has a copy of the timeline of events the week of the wedding so that he has the opportunity to ask any questions before the big day. Trust me, this is a huge piece of YOUR happiness on your wedding day, so add this to your “list” of things to do right next to him picking up his tux, okay?

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