It’s a Wedding Throwdown!

By, Published May 8, 2012

Um, I kinda can’t even believe that I’m writing about this, but sadly it seems to be a very unfortunate reality for some brides, grooms, bridal parties, parents and guests, so let’s just clear the air… Don’t get into an f'ing fight at the wedding. Like, fists flying, beer bottles breaking, and brides crying. Seriously? I was reading the Huff Post Crime section (‘cause I’m cool like that…) last Thursday, and I came across a story so trashy, so Virginia Slim smokin’, Schlitz drinkin’, guitar smashing awesome, that I felt like it was my duty to share it with all of you. Read this:

The best part of the story… I totally thought this wedding was going to be in some little town where guys wear khakis, Polo shirts and flip flops to weddings. And, it’s not! It’s in f*cking Boston! (Or just outside of it anyways..). I always thought that Boston was supposed to be this fancy, snobby, old money, stupid talking ("pahk the cah in Hahvad Yahd") kind of town. So when I see a story involving the mothers of the bride and groom throwing chairs at each other, I chuckle. But seriously, the sad part of this story is that if it can happen in a classy town like Boston, then this shit can happen ANYWHERE.

It all started when the groom’s underage brothers tried to get a drink at the bar. Right? I don’t know why people think that they get a free pass to drink underage at a wedding. And frankly, it really pisses me off.

Brides, do yourself and everybody else a favor. Remind your guests to bring their IDs. I know that it’s not always convenient to carry a purse or whatever to a wedding, but then don’t expect a cocktail when you ask for one. The po-po’s have cracked down on the hotel/venue industry and just like a “regular” bar, if they are caught serving underage guests, they can lose their liquor license. And, I highly doubt that YOUR wedding is worth losing their business.

I need you to really listen to me on this one because you are not allowed get pissed off at the bartender for protecting his livelihood by refusing to serve people who are clearly underage or can’t prove that they are of age. So, tell your peeps to cut the shit, bring their IDs, keep their hands (and chairs) to themselves, and behave. I mean, my goodness, you’re at a wedding, NOT the Double Deuce!

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