Jonas Brothers confess: We've ruined weddings

By News, Published Aug 10, 2009

Teen idols Jonas Brothers would like to apologize to all the brides whose weddings they have ruined with their presence.

If it's hard to imagine the polite young stars as loutish wedding crashers, that's because they aren't - instead, they say their throngs of screaming fans have shown up at hotels and interfered with some couple's nuptials.

"We've had a couple instances where there's been weddings going on during the time we were at the hotel," Kevin Jonas said during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

"We've had brides be like, 'You've ruined my wedding'," he added.

But the boys do live up to their reputation for being gentlemen by trying to make it up to the poor couple whose careful wedding planning has been hampered by Jonas-inspired chaos.

They have sent gifts of apology to some brides and grooms, Nick Jonas said.

Soon, the musicians will get a first-hand look at the wedding planning process from the point of view of a groom and his brothers.

Kevin, the oldest brother, is set to tie the knot with fiancée Danielle Deleasa, after the pair got engaged this summer.

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