Kathy Hilton hopes Paris and Cy get hitched

By News, Published Mar 4, 2011

Rumors have been swirling that Paris Hilton and Cy Waitts have been engagement ring shopping, leading the gossip mill to insist they are aisle-bound. While nothing has yet to be confirmed, it appears as though there's one woman rooting for the two to go the distance - Paris' mother.

According to CTA.ca, Kathy Hilton is keeping her fingers crossed that her daughter has officially found her soulmate.

"We were all on holiday in Hawaii and Rick and I were sitting there thinking she looks so happy," she told the news outlet. "I would be thrilled if he was 'The One.' I hope so."

Hilton has had a bevy of beaus since she began dating, but none have put a ring on her finger. Some of her past suitors include reality star Doug Reinhart as well as Good Charlotte lead guitarist Benji Madden.

In the end, the world will have to wait to see if the lovebirds wind up clinking their glasses and looking especially lovey-dovey on a wedding video. Note to Paris - make sure it's not in night vision!

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