Kim Kardashian's Engagement Ring: It's a Budget-Breaker!

By Azure Nelson, Published Jul 15, 2011

You've seen Kim Kardashian's seriously sparkling engagement ring, and it's no secret that a ring like her's costs a pretty penny. But did you realize that Kim's rock cost a whopping $2 million?! Using the 'two month's salary' rule of thumb, investigated how long it'd take men of different occupations (doctors, lawyers, cashiers, fire fighters, etc.) to save up for a ring like Kim's. And the findings will shock you! Out of the many occupations considered by Mint, Doctor was the most lucrative occupation. Raking in a cool $225,390/year, it would take a doctor 8 years, 10 months to save up for Kim K's bling. Not too shabby... lots of couples are together for 8-10 years before taking the plunge. On the lowest end of the money-making totem pole were cashiers and lifeguards (pulling in about $20,000/year), and the news is grim for this group of guys. For a cashier or lifeguard to earn and save enough to give Kim Kardashian the engagement ring of her dreams, it would take 100 years! Here's hoping for longer life expectancy! To get the full scoop on Kim Kardashian's pricey engagement ring from Kris Humphries, check out the sweet infographic on!

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