Kim Kardashian's Pre-Wedding Slimdown

By Azure Nelson, Published Jul 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian's curves are coveted by women across the globe. And while she embraces her voluptuous frame, she's like most brides... with a wedding deadline for weight loss. Kim wants to walk down the aisle a little bit thinner, tighter and more toned than ever before. To make this happen, she planned ahead, set realistic goals and gave herself ample time to shape up. We encourage you to steal this page from Kim Kardashian's book; don't try to lose those last 10 pounds a few days before your wedding! If you do, you'll lose a whole lot more than a few extra pounds (like your sanity). To slim down right before your wedding, it's all about diet. What you eat, don't eat, drink and don't drink. Here are three simple suggestions from the experts at Allure: No less than 1,200 calories a day: Consume at least 1,200 calories/day to maintain adequate nutrition and keep energy levels up. Now is not the time to crash diet or starve yourself. You can cut back on sugar and snacks but don't cut out entire meals! Avoid foods & drinks that cause water retention: Certain foods and drinks will make you retain water and appear bloated. Things to avoid leading up to your I Do's- cocktails, soda, canned food, white bread and white sugar, chips, pretzels, and bakery items. Keep in mind that drinking water does not make you retain water, so feel free to up your H20 intake. It'll help you feel full and will keep you hydrated and blemish-free! Fill up on greens: If you pig out, pig out on fruits and vegetables. These gifts from mother earth will leave you feeling satisfied. Add debloaters to your weight loss arsenal: Foods like asparagus, lemon, cucumber, parsley, fennel and dandelion greens are natural debloaters, and green tea is a great natural diuretic. Drinking green tea may also help you burn calories quicker. Follow the tips above and you'll feel perfectly comfortable when you slip on your dream wedding dress. And when the reception is over and your groom slips off your wedding dress, you'll feel like the most beautiful version of you! Helpful Links How to look 10 lbs thinner in wedding photos Best wedding dress styles for curvy brides

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