Know Your Body Type, Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

By Azure Nelson, Published Nov 9, 2010

Over the next month, we'll be dishing tips, tricks, and expert answers to help you find your dream wedding dress. The best place to start is by knowing your body shape. I, for one, struggle with this, as I often feel that categorizing your body shape is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I'm 5'9, so there's no denying that I'm tall. I have broader shoulders and long, lean limbs, characteristics often associated with an athletic build. However, I've been blessed with an ample-sized bust and bottom, which further complicates things, as these are curvy bride characteristics. So as you might imagine, defining my body type can be both confusing and frustrating.... Until now, thanks to DaVinci Bridal! They recently released a new bridal style guide, and it's the answer to my prayers! The style guide illustrates every body type imaginable, making it very easy to determine your shape. And once you know your shape, OneWed will be dishing the best wedding dresses for every shape and size! So first things first, lovely brides-to-be! In the comment section below, tell us which shape you are based on DaVinci's style guide. Once we know what types of bangin' bods our readers are working with, we'll deliver tailored advice to help you find THE dress! Helpful Links Best Necklines for Every Shape 2011 Wedding Dresses

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