Learn to Work the Pole at Your Bachelorette

By admin, Published Feb 21, 2013

Did I grab your attention with the title of this post? Or was it the super hot ladies working it in the photo above? Either way, mission accomplished!

By now you have probably heard of the new workout classes like pole dancing and strip fitness that insist on improving your body and teaching you how to be sexy at the same time. I had the pleasure (pun intended) of taking part in a private group pole dancing class while in Miami for a bachelorette party recently, and I can't even begin to explain how much fun we had! And boy oh boy, was it a phenomenal workout!

We worked up a sweat, laughed a lot, and had an absolute blast embracing our inner sex kittens.

So when you are planning your next bachelorette party, consider gathering up your girls for a private pole dancing class to give the bride something special she can take with her on the honeymoon... moves on the pole that will blow her groom's mind!

Don't think that because it's pole dancing it has to be vulgar... think of it instead as a fun way to spice up your love life, strengthen your body, and truly feel sexy in your skin!

Pole Fitness Miami (a stone's throw from the Kardashian's Dash boutique) is where our strip-extravaganza went down, and I highly recommend it if you're celebrating in South Beach. But if you're planning a bachelorette elsewhere, check out the options below:

Would you consider a pole dancing private for your bachelorette party? If you've tried this style of workout before, tell us about it in the comments section below!

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