Leather-clad love at a Harley wedding

By News, Published Mar 17, 2009

Get your motor running, head out to the altar and say 'I do.'

It may not be a traditional way to tie the knot, but a Harley Davidson wedding is popular among motorcycle fans the world over. Steve Simonson and Tanya Hohmann of North Dakota are among the latest couples to get married at a Harley Davidson showroom.

The bride wore white and the groom wore leather (actually, just a black leather Harley jacket over his shirt and tie) at the recent ceremony. Simonson told KXMB-TV Bismark he is so devoted to the bikes he named his daughter "Harley Davidson."

If you ride a hog and want your wedding guests to know it, there are decorations, cake toppers and even rings available to help you profess your love.

Las Vegas-bound couples will find at least two packages to suit their needs. Those who arrange their nuptials through the Riviera Hotel Wedding Chapel can wed at the Harley Davidson Café on the Strip. Wedding photography, a bouquet, a cake and a meal are included.

Meanwhile, the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel lets couples rent Harleys for the day and ride right up to the altar.

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