Let Them Eat Cake! Sweet Wedding Inspiration from Marie Antoinette

By Dana LaRue, Published Nov 23, 2012

I know I'm a little late to this party, but I recently watched "Marie Antoinette." And holy gilded bananas! The fashion ... the opulence ... the FASHION. And my little broke-ass brain started a-churnin' with ideas on how to throw a fabulously fancy fete the Queen herself would be proud of. 

From gilded centerpieces to feathers in lustrous updos to dresses with decolletage-enhancing bustiers and ruffles for days, the options are endless. Tables adorned with every dessert imaginable and Champagne towers overflowing with bubbles would only sweeten the deal for this soiree. 

So sit back and feast your eyes on inspiration for an opulent affair!

Would you go the way of the queen who infamously (and allegedly) said "Let them eat cake"? Are you planning a historically-themed wedding? Sound off below!

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