Lost engagement ring turns up 57 years later

By News, Published Jun 16, 2010

Word this morning was that Megan Fox lost the engagement ring that Brian Austin Green just gave her, and now comes a story of an elder couple who went through the same thing. Stars - they're just like us!

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, Vonnie Wood was doing some gardening over 57 years ago, when she suddenly misplaced her engagement ring. After searching for hours, she and her husband, Troy, gave up.

"We looked and we looked and we looked," Vonnie told the news outlet.

The pair later moved to a different home and became parents of three daughters. Still, the North Carolina resident never forgot her original bling.

Unbeknownst to them, Fay Walker, the new owner of their house, had found it right after she moved in.

"I just put it in my jewelry box," Walker told the news source. "I more or less forgot it."

Five decades later, Vonnie and Troy decided to drive by their old humble abode for a peek. After meeting Walker, she called them and asked them if they had lost something special.

"That was the wildest thing ever," Chandra Young, one of the couple's daughters, told the news provider. "My whole life I have heard the stories about losing that ring."

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