Love Movie Weddings? Grab a Little Bit of Hollywood

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 1, 2009

I’ve never been as much of a celebrity junkie as some people (I’m talking to you Azure), but I’ve always been a huge movie junkie! Old movies, new movies, I even like bad movies (I know the soundtrack to Grease 2 by heart, don’t hold it against me). Now that I write about weddings, I’ve been paying special attention to the wedding scenes in movies. From the rambling, laid-back party of Rachel, Getting Married to the elegant, hilarious groom switch in the classic The Philadelphia Story, each movie wedding has it’s own charm and good ones can tell you a lot about the characters. In honor of its release on DVD/Blu-Ray on October 13, the nice people at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have given us 5 copies of the movie, The Proposal staring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. I’m always looking for movies to watch, so if you want to win one of these copies, you’ll have to help me out a little. Tell me your favorite wedding scene in a movie, and why. You can leave a comment here, or send it in an email to with the subject line “Proposal Contest.” The giveaway ends on October 12, at Noon!

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