Maids of DISHonor

By admin, Published Nov 15, 2012

For as many bridezillas as exist in the world, there are just as many bad egg bridesmaids who have the power to make nearlyweds' journeys towards the aisle rocky (and sometimes hellish). And I'm sure our wedding vendors and former brides can attest to this.

Whether it's b-maids that put the F in flaky, or self-centered ladies who just can't take a backseat to the star of the show (the bride, duh), there are plenty of horror stories to go around.

How NOT to pose as a bridesmaid

How NOT to pose as a bridesmaid, via My Confined Space

And there is no better medicine for a bridesmaid behaving badly than to put her on blast. Which is exactly what this new series, appropriately titled Maids of DISHonor, is about.

We're giving our brides-to-be, OneWed wedding pros, newlyweds and wedding goers the chance to vent about underperforming b-maids... and we'll share the most shocking stories right here on the blog! We promise to keep your identity secret, so let it rip via the handy form below! Or share your story in the comments section. We can't wait to hear from you!

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