Make Your Wedding Photos Perfect 10s

By admin, Published Oct 3, 2011

New York Magazine always dishes great advice, especially when it comes to planning the perfect wedding.

And as you know, wedding photography is one of the most important aspect of your I Do's. Your wedding photos will last forever, so follow these rules from NYMag and you'll walk away with photos you'll cherish forever! 1. Grooms, resist the urge to channel Reservoir Dogs: It's proven difficult for dapperly dressed grooms and groomsmen to refrain from channeling Quentin Tarantino’s famous big-screen hit Reservoir Dogs. But Mr. Pink copy cats have become alarmingly ubiquitous, so this shot is now a total cliché. * Photographer's tip- Photographer Jonathan Elderfield says, 'Consider having the bride and all the bridesmaids sport killer shades instead, to turn the custom on its head.' 2. Kiss like you mean it! It'll be a long day of smiling for the cameras, greeting your loved ones and trying to keep your wedding hair and makeup looking fly. But fake, forced kisses can be spotted from a mile away, so keep it real! * Photographer's tip- 'For kiss shots, take a walk and get away from your guests,' says photographer Erik Ekroth. 'Make it just the two of you with your photographer.' 3. Avoid edgy backdrops, go clean and simple: Avoid being photographed on train tracks and in front of graffiti murals, unless that neon-hued backdrop holds special significance (I.e. it was the site where your groom popped the question). * Photographer's tip- 'The focus should be on the couple, not the background, so keep it clean, simple, and elegant,' Erik Ekroth recommends. 4. Don’t colorize: One current trend in wedding photography slaps elegant black-and-white photos with a dash of color. For example, a muted shot of the bridal bouquet, with the flowers recolored in hot pink. While this may sound cute, it turns out looking like a greeting card. * Photographer's tip- 'Stick to either color or black-and-white, not both,' says Ekroth. What other tips to picture perfect wedding photo albums can you share with us? Post a comment below or share your wisdom via a tweet to @OneWed!

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