Mangagement Rings:  I Do or I Don’t?

By Chandra Fredrick, Published Feb 16, 2012

Have you heard about this new trend of engaged men wearing engagement rings?  They are called mangagement rings.  Yes, MAN-gagement.  I recently saw a statistic claiming that 17% of men actually want to wear a mangagement ring.  I find that hard to believe and wonder who was asked that question, men or women.

My first reaction on the whole thing is that mangagement rings are just silly.  I mean, I know I’m generalizing here, but for the most part we ladies wear engagement rings because we like jewelry and diamonds and we’re excited to accept a proposal, and a ring, from the man we love.   So why would a man wear one in that same situation?

Now I realize there are other situations that happen: some women propose to men, (and some propose to other women).  And some men propose to men.  And if this trend of mangagement rings is because more gay marriages are happening, then I’m all for it.   Although I would like to know... is that ring then the wedding band once you get married or do you wear two rings?  But back to the man-proposing-to–a-woman mangagement situation…

Ladies, if you ask your fella to wear a mangagement ring, I’d like to know why.  Do you think he wants to wear one, do you think you should both be seen as engaged to be married, or do you feel like he needs to be branded as “taken?”  Because to me the word almost looks like MANAGEment, and I suspect that some women might be using a mangagement ring to manage their man.   And if that is the case, then I think we have bigger problems to discuss.  If a man does want to wear an engagement ring, I totally support that, but can we just call it what it is: an engagement ring instead of a mangagement ring? 

So tell me, what do you think of this whole mangagement thing?  Do you love the idea?  Do you think it is mostly occurring only with same-sex couples?  Or do you think women are trying to emasculate their men (as one man I know very well seems to think).  Or, is this whole thing just the wedding industry trying to make you think you need to buy one more piece of jewelry?

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