Maria Sharapova will design her own bridal shoes

By News, Published Nov 4, 2010

Maria Sharapova may be a whiz on the tennis court, and now it looks as though she's trying to earn points for her creativity as well. In fact, the radiant Russian may be designing her own bridal shoes!

Sharapova, who was just given a gigantic engagement ring by L.A. Lakers shooting guard Sasha Vujacic, recently spoke with People Magazine about how she wants wedding day footwear to be super-comfortable.

"I'm for sure going to design them," she told the news outlet.

Maria and Sasha just became betrothed last month. And while the adorable athletes have yet to announce a wedding date, it looks as though Sharapova is taking the time to mull over her wedding dress style.

"I think it depends on the design of the dress and how you feel about it," she told the news outlet. "Sometimes you want to go a little bit shorter, but I love when the dress is also long and fluid and you feel really elegant and flowy.'

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