Modern Oscar-Worthy Silhouettes for Brides

By Vane Broussard, Published Feb 28, 2012

So the Oscars were this past Sunday, and of course everyone is glued to the TV to see what actresses are wearing...While some say they played it safe on the red carpet, there were a ton of modern silhouettes that done in white, would be PERFECT for a wedding!

Whether it was that giant bow that Emma Stone had draped around her neck, or the delicate layers of Kristen Wiig or Michelle Williams, there was something for everyone. My ultimate modern dress favs were Gwyneth Paltrow and Rooney was just the icing on the cake that they were both in white! If you check out OneWed's Best of the Oscars wrap-up, you'll see that they loved these modern looks, too!

Which Oscars dress was your ultimate fav?

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