More on Ivanka Trump's wedding: White roses and windows

By News, Published Oct 30, 2009

Photos of Ivanka Trump in her Grace Kelly-inspired wedding dress have hit the net, and now more details of her elegant nuptials with Jared Kushner are emerging.

Nikki Haskell, a close friend of Ivanka's mother, told Entertainment Tonight that the ceremony and reception - held at the Trump National Golf Course - were "quite extraordinary."

She described the setting for the wedding: an "elaborate cupola" full of windows that allowed guests to gaze out upon the trees, which were turning colors. There were also flowers hanging from the branches of the trees, Haskell said.

Apparently, the reception dinner was equally impressive, held in an all-white tent filled with white roses.

"They must have taken every white rose in the United States - it was so elegant and so chic," Haskell told ET.

Meanwhile, Cindy Adams at the New York Post revealed the timeline of the celebration - the ceremony took place at 4 p.m., followed by cocktails at 5:30 and dinner at 7:30. Many guests - who had left home at 2:30 - ended up staying for eight hours!

What's next for the happy newlyweds? Well, Ivanka and Jared are planning a December honeymoon in Africa, but for now they have both returned to work.

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