Need Wedding Advice? Write the Wedding Maven!

By Wedding Maven, Published Sep 23, 2010

Are you afraid to ask the caterer what a charger is and whether you actually need it on the table? Is your mother-in-law already asking you about your childbirth plans? Are you wondering if it’s proper to seat your mother’s second husband next to your father’s third wife? Is the best man’s plan for a bachelor party totally offensive? Etiquette and manners are important because they keep us from hurting each other's feelings, so the Wedding Maven knows the proper way to address an invitation, and the correct fork to use, but she also knows how to handle a sticky situation with an ex, or what to do about a maid-of-honor/best-man hook-up gone awry. If you need wedding advice, or have questions about wedding related tradition, manners, or etiquette, write the Wedding Maven at (For the curious, the Wedding Maven is the alter (or altar) ego of OneWed writer Marta Segal Block. Marta has lived all over the world and made a habit of studying customs and traditions from such exotic places as Louisville, Ky, Chicago, IL and Tanzania. She blogs about all things advice related and runs a non-wedding advice column at

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