New Gift Registry from!

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Although picking out gifts may seem like a lot of fun, registering does not always make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Sometimes it makes you feel like a kid in a department store with lots of products and terms you’ve never heard of before. But today’s Savvy Brides have it easy. Thanks to, you can learn about and complete your registry without changing out of your pajamas. Anything Amazon sells, from cookbooks, to kitchen items, bedding, and even those pajamas can be added to your registry with the click of a button. They also have great tips on what to register for and answers to all those little questions you have about the items you register for. For example, when you start looking at bedding, you hear a lot of terms thrown around that you may not know. Here’s one of Amazon’s helpful lists of definitions: Egyptian: Grown in the Nile valley, Egyptian is considered the best cotton in the world because of its longer fibers and its finer spinning. Supima: This trademarked and regulated cotton is guaranteed to be made from 100 percent American-made pima cotton and is a step below Egyptian in smoothness and durability. Pima: Ranking below Egyptian and Supima, this cotton was originally grown in the American Southwest by the Pima Indians and can consist of a blend of pima and other cottons. Sateen: A fabric weave where most threads are placed on the surface, giving it a lustrous shine and a feel as luxurious as silk. On the downside, it may require some ironing after washing. Percale: A finely combed, midweight fabric weave that's smooth and firm and has a minimum 180 thread count. We'll bring you a new registry tip courtesy of every week!

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