Nobody Does It Quite the Way She Does…

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Jan 25, 2013

Have you ever seen a designer's work that's so unique and outside the box you wonder where all her inspiration actually originated?

Based out of Manilla, custom designer, Veluz Reyes, creates unbelievable wedding gowns that will leave you swooning and hungry to see more. I've been following her work a couple years now. Front to back her gowns don the intricate beauty of expert and original beading. Her use of sparkle and bling is done with just the right amount of editing; she knows when to stop--just where to add a little.

Overall  she's the top drawer in embroidery, bead work and lace placement and you aren't gonna find dresses at this level of imagination in your typical bridal salon. You can check out her gorgeous blog, The Veluz Bride, to find out more about how to order one of her custom gowns.

Are you swooning hard over these beautifully embellished dresses? Which Veluz Reyes wedding gown do you love most?

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