Offbeat Wedding Themes: Steampunk Inspiration

By Azure Nelson, Published Jul 29, 2011

Special to OneWed by Lisa W. for

Does a time travel machine sound like your perfect wedding getaway car? Is your soon-to-be hubby the ideal science fiction hero? The steampunk genre represents an alternate reality where power created by steam is still king. And it resembles future technology as it would have been envisioned by people in the Victorian era (remember the movie The Time Machine–the real one from the 1960′s?). If you love science fiction authors like Jules Verne or H.G. Wells, then steampunk ideology just may have you hooked. The wedding flower stylists at are fascinated by steampunk and designed this 'lock and key' bridal bouquet. The metal cage is a 'machine' which protects true love and can only be opened with two keys by husband and wife. It’s a modern day interpretation of classic literature and an alternative twist on reality. Whether you’re in love with steampunk or need inspiration to find your perfect wedding theme, shop online for flowers by color and design your future! Image Credits: Wholesale Flowers, Unique Wedding Band, Steampunk Cufflinks, Steampunk Wedding Gown, Steampunk Save The Date Cards, Steampunk Cake Topper.

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