Only the Best for Kim Kardashian's Wedding

By Azure Nelson, Published Jul 1, 2011

We already know why platinum is the best, and it's obvious why stars like Kim Kardashian insist on platinum when it comes to their engagement rings and wedding bands. But Kim Kardashian is taking the term platinum wedding to a whole new level! When she ties the knot to the Kris Humphries she'll be escorted by a fleet of truly platinum rides. Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles will provide an armada of Rolls Royce Phantoms and Maybachs to shuttle the entire Kardashian clan and the Humphries clan when the wedding day arrives. And Phantoms and Maybachs in any old colors simply won't do for Kim's I Do's. To ensure that the fleet of luxury rides match her wedding color palette, Kim is insisting on all-white wedding day rides!

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