Orange County, CA Shabby Chic Wedding: Aubrie and Aaron

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 30, 2010

Featured Two Bright Lights wedding by Jeff Wallace Photography I know some industry folks are over the Anthropologie-inspired wedding (I guess if you've seen it done 100s of times, it may seem a bit played out). But... I am head over heels for this Orange County, California outdoor wedding! Aubrie and Aaron tied the knot on May 14, 2010, and chose Heritage Museum of Orange County for their outdoor wedding venue. This gorgeous wedding fused a bit of classic style with Anthropologie & country-chic details. The antique touches were so unexpected... there were vintage soda pop crates & novels, rustic bushel baskets, and even an old, beat up pickup truck. It's funny how sometimes the most aged, washed out items can make for the most beautiful photos. Keeping with the Shabby Chic wedding vibe, Aubrie and Aaron chose romantic pastels for their wedding flowers and color palette. At the reception, though, they turned it up a notch, and the colors became a bit brighter and more vibrant. Fresh lemons and limes were piled into tall hurricane vases for unique table centerpieces, and lovely sunflowers were placed in aged silver pitchers. All in all, the decor & details of their special day came together perfectly! Wedding Photography: Jeff Wallace Photography Wedding Venue: Heritage Museum of Orange County

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