Perfect Honeymoon for the Adventurous Newlyweds: A Backroads Biking or Hiking Excursion through Ital

By OneWed, Published Oct 2, 2009

Special to OneWed by Marie O'Mara of There are a few types of honeymoons, those that are filled with beaches, sunsets and relaxation and then there are those full of exploration, sightseeing, education AND let’s not forget the once in a lifetime thrill seeking experiences. For the couples that look for adventure and nonstop action, I have the ideal action packed honeymoon for you! A Backroads Biking or Hiking adventure. As someone who loves hiking, biking, rafting and practically any type of outdoor activity, I was thrilled to find the Backroads Adventure Company. We booked this adventure through friends, so technically we stumbled upon the company by accident, and it ended up being both an adventure in addition to a 5 star vacation we loved. It truly offered activities for guests that are the extreme sports enthusiast and also accommodated guests like us, the ones that do like to bike, but love to eat and drink more! Our Backroads trip was through the Tuscany, which made the terrain a little difficult. With miles of what the locals call “rolling” hills left me feeling as if I just peddled up Mt. Rushmore. The great news is that Backroads also offers adventures around the world in various locations with trips and adventures that match both everyone’s athletic ability and budget. You'll find adventures that comfortably match your pace and outlook, and those who liven up the mix with different itineraries & locations. The Backroads concept is pretty wild and simple. You bike from hotel to hotel. A van takes your luggage ahead to your room and you simply hit the road at any pace you desire and ride to the next destination. For those of you who worry about gaining weight on vacation, this tour eliminates any concern you may have! The company also equips you with a bike, helmet and accessories, daily tours, some meals & tons of assistance and guidance as you ride along. We met our group in Florence at the train station and were quickly introduced to the 4 other couples we would be riding and touring with and both our guides for the week. We loaded a van and drove to the center of Tuscany for lunch at an old estate. On the way to lunch we were given an informal, yet wonderful, welcome speech in addition to a brief overview of what the week entailed. At lunch we were introduced and quickly bonded with the other riders over a light, but delicious welcome meal. Following lunch we walked out side to find a table set up with snacks of fresh fruit, power bars and a wide variety of fun treats to take on the bike with us. We were then fitted for helmets and introduced to the bike we would be on for the next week! After a quick review of biking, which I was thrilled to have since I had not been on a bike in years, we were off and heading towards our first hotel. Different levels of bikers were on the tour so some peddled off like Lance Armstrong and others like myself, peddled along like Little Miss Muffet. The scenery was amazing, the rolling hills and endless mountains of sunflowers were breathtaking. Stopping along the way to take pictures and even for a gelato in town, we found ourselves laughing and enjoying the adventure. After the first leg of the trip, which was about 15 miles, my partner and I decided to take the van to the hotel. It had been a long day and we were ready to relax. The amazing part about this trip was you were able to choose your package by your accommodations; casual inns or premium inns, offering riders a big option and range in price. We were on the premium inn tour and we loved the Inn’s that Backroads had chosen. Each one was beyond amazing, offering the most romantic atmosphere and the best dining. In addition to your hotels, Backroads also sets up tours in the towns for the group, your dining and even a buffet along the biking route that was amazing. This is a first class, 5 star operation. By the end of the trip you have a common bond with your fellow riders: A passion for discovery and a deep appreciation for the defining moment, be it a gorgeous sunset or the perfect cappuccino at a charming café in some faraway corner of the world. As a couple, looking back we fell in love on this trip all over again. Between the laughter and funny things happening along the way and the romance of being in Italy, it was the best adventure we have had together so far!

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