Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

By admin, Published Oct 12, 2011

Tying the knot outdoors?

When planning an outdoor wedding, there's a lot to consider and lots to plan for. But no need to worry... onewed is here to share the top 10 ways to ensure your outdoor wedding is out of this world!

1. Specify dress code: It’s a backyard… But it’s a wedding… So you can't blame wedding guests for being confused about what to wear. Let your loved ones know if you're planning a formal, semi-formal, or informal affair.

2. Plan for parking: Once you pick the venue for your outdoor wedding, think about how many cars the street can handle. Will your guests need temporary neighborhood parking passes? If there’s a church or school nearby, ask if your guests can park there for the day.

3. Don't surprise the neighbors: Because your guests will be arriving in droves, a quick heads-up before the wedding will ensure your neighbors don’t mind the parking crunch and the extra noise of a wedding. The last thing you want to deal with on your special day is angry neighbors!

4. Rent a tent: Even if you’re betting on perfect weather, make sure you have a tent, canopy or some sort of backup. It’s better to have one and not need it than the other way around.

5. Think about seating: Ample seating for elderly friends and relatives to take a load off is essential. Consider renting chairs for the ceremony and reception and create a comfortable lounge area if it fits with the overall feel of your wedding. Find decoration and rental companies on and read ratings and reviews from real brides and grooms!

6. Avoid messy reception food: Regardless of the formality of your nuptials, guests will probably be dressed to impress. If you're not planning a sit-down dinner, take a moment to think about how easy it will be to handle the food you're serving. Burgers, yes. Ribs, with caution; Remember to think outside the box and consider serving bite-sized versions of your favorite dishes.

7. Let there be light: So that you, your groom and your wedding guests can dance the night away, consider hanging strands of lights or lanterns above the reception tables. If you're going for a beach-themed affair, place tiki torches around the reception area or sprinkle loads of beach candles on the tables. The effect will be beautiful, romantic and totally memorable.

8. Don't run out of power: You may need power for lights, DJ equipment, or to keep chafing dishes warm if you’re planning an elaborate outdoor wedding. Make sure you have enough outlets or power strips and rent a generator if necessary.

9. No bugging out: Citronella candles or bug-repellent torches will keep uninvited guests (aka pesky bugs) away from the party and invited guests bite-free. What you don’t want is a bug zapper – they actually draw more insects to the area.

10. Dance barefoot: Or kick off your heels and throw on a pair of flip flops. To encourage guests to get comfortable too, place a basket of inexpensive flip flops near the dance floor. This personalized touch will make quite an impression on your friends and family.


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