Planning Your Dream Honeymoon to Bermuda

By admin, Published Nov 19, 2013

Need an escape from the mundane tasks on your wedding planning checklist? Then grab your groom and start discussing honeymoon visions and idyllic locations!

One of our personal favorite honeymoon spots is Bermuda, a paradise that delivers the best of all worlds, including adventure, romance, and relaxation. Plus, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Located 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda is an ideal destination for even the briefest of honeymoons. Amazingly, a flight from the East Coast will have you touching down on the island in two hours flat.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing the best that Bermuda has to offer to starry-eyed honeymooning couples, beginning today with all things romantic! Ready to dive in?? Let’s go!

10 Romantic Things To Do on Your Bermuda Honeymoon


Take in Bermuda’s famous pink sand beaches and azure blue water at Horseshoe Bay, and then wander over to nearby Chaplin Bay, a secluded beach surrounded by cliffs.


Share a kiss and make a wish beneath one of Bermuda’s famous moongates, a tradition that’s said to bring couples a long and happy life together.


Rent a scooter and explore Bermuda’s scenic coastline.


Pack a picnic and spend the day on Warwick Long Bay Beach, a beautiful half-mile stretch of paradise that offers a more private setting for honeymooners.


Tour the historic town of St. George, the first permanent English settlement on the islands of Bermuda, for a dose of culture, architecture, and endless enchantment.


Trek up to Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse to enjoy 360 degree views of the island.


Catch a magnificent sunset at West Whale Bay.


Snorkel hand-in-hand with your new spouse through the calm turquoise waters of Church Bay Beach.


Explore the old Bermuda Railway Trail on bike or horseback.


Take a peaceful stroll through Somers Garden before sharing a romantic dinner in St. George.

Loving Bermuda already? We knew you would be!

Bookmark this page and share it with your groom, then check back next week for part two of the Best of Bermuda. We’ll uncover the must-do activities to satisfy your adventurous side, and you definitely won’t want to miss it!

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