Project Runway focuses on wedding dresses

By News, Published Oct 9, 2009

Wedding dresses are usually viewed as a symbol of a hopeful, bright future, as a bride prepares to embark on her married life.

On last night's Project Runway, however, these dresses took on an entirely new meaning when worn by recent divorcées. Contestants were tasked with re-working the women's wedding gowns to create a new outfit for a new beginning.

To make the assignment more challenging, they were only given $25 and two yards of fabric to work with to create their new look.

Consulting with the clients brought extra obstacles for some designers, particularly Shirin, whose eccentric client requests a "Half Breed" outfit like Cher's - including a headdress and peacock feathers.

And the results? Judges liked Gordana's cutting-edge strapless mini dress. Irina's metallic dress with lace was also received favorably, as was Shirin's trendy geometric-patterned dress.

Less popular options included a pants-and-vest outfit, a voluminous bubble dress and an outfit that was referred to as an Oktoberfest costume.

Well, at least there was no sign of a feathered headdress to be seen!

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