Proposal Stories: Women who Proposed, Part I, Hobbies

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

In July 2009 we held an amazing contest. We gave away platinum wedding rings worth $4,500. To be entered in this contest, women had to tell us their stories of how THEY would (or did, or might) propose if they had been the ones to ask the question. The winner was chosen randomly, but we received so many amazing entries we just had to find a way to share some of them with you. Check back every week for a new article featuring a new proposal theme. This week, we give you HOBBIES. These women all wanted to propose in a way that involved their guy’s hobbies and habits (some stories have been edited for space reasons). 1. I would propose to Dennis in a way that marries his great loves: me, gadgets, learning, and food. I would plan a surprise trip for us to go to Ithaca, our college town, and where we first met. I would present him with an iPhone (his gadget of lust these days). Our three locations for the day would be entered on Google maps. We would first have a wine tasting tour at Six Mile Creek, a winery by our old campus. He loves to learn new things and the award winning Riesling would keep him happy, too! Then we would head to Buttermilk Falls and eat a picnic lunch consisting of his favorite dishes: miso, roast chicken, corn on the cob, and banana bread. Finally, we would go to the chapel on campus. I would ask him to stop in the courtyard and go to a private website I would create for him. The homepage would be a slideshow of our relationship. At the end of the slideshow, I would hold up the following signs: “Happiness”, “Affection”, “Partnership”, “True Love”, and finally “Us”. The slideshow would stop and I would ask him to marry me. 2. I would propose for our 6th Anniversary. I would create a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend using a GPS. I’d leave him a message with an address of where to meet me. At the first stop, he would find a friend with a bag for him containing dress clothes. The friend would take his picture, then give him his next clue. Next would be a jewelry store, where he would find another friend waiting with a bag and a camera. This bag would contain cufflinks with the school seal of our Alma Mater, The University of Southern California. Our friend would take a picture of him, and give him another address. The next stop would be a wine shop, where a friend would be waiting with a chilled bottle of personalized Champagne with our picture and the date! After our friend takes the last picture, my boyfriend would be given the last address, which would be for a quiet park where I was waiting with a picnic and a ring! We would enjoy the evening together privately, before joining our friends and loved ones. 3. He loves action films, and we rent a lot of movies, so I would incorporate that into my proposal. I would tell him that we were having a movie night, but replace the rented DVD with one that I would make myself (with help from a tech-savvy friend). When we put it in, the opening credits would roll, and he would hopefully notice that it would have been made by my “production company,” and lead into a first scene, which would feature our house, with one of his favorite songs playing. Then the camera would move through the house and up to our room. At this point, he would know something was up, and as he’s bewildered, the screen would show me, sitting in our bedroom, proposing to him. 4. I will invite him to go skydiving with me (something we have always talked about doing). Right before we jump, I will explain that this rush we are about to experience when we jump is what we will experience together and how I feel with him everyday. I will ask him to marry me and we will jump together! 5. If I were to propose to my boyfriend, I would definitely do it on a camping trip. He loves to fish. I think it would be so cute to get him a simple "engagement ring" and hide it in his tackle box. Then, when he opens the box to go fishing, he would find the ring and I would propose! We could celebrate with s'mores, under the stars 6. If I were to win these rings, my plan would be to take him to a special place, Dark Horse comic shop. I would arrange it with the owner ahead of time, so that when we go to pay for everything the owner could silently place the ring or box on top of his stack (I know there will be one). Then, I would tell him that he is the most wonderful man in the world and that I truly want him to marry me. 7. I would take him to the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum hangar, out by Dulles Airport. He’s an enthusiast of all planes, everything from little one-man crafts to the Space Shuttle. I’d spend a few hours there, asking him questions: how fast does this one go, how many miles on one tank of fuel, etc. Finally, I’d take him up to their observation tower, where you can watch the planes taking off and touching down on the runway. Then, when the moment was right, I would say to him, “You know, I don’t much mind how far I go in life, or how fast, or how I get there. The only thing I care about is that wherever I go, I go with you. Will you marry me?” 9. I would attend something that he really likes that I have no interest in, something I always say no to when invited (races, boxing, etc.). Then surprise him and say yes, and tell him he owes me big time for coming. When he asks what I want, I’d say, “for you to say yes..” and present him with his ring. 10. My boyfriend has been racing since the age of 6. Although he doesn’t race anymore due to financial trouble, he still attends races close to where we live. Well, if I had the chance, I would contact the race track in advance and have the announcers in on the proposal. On “wacky Wednesdays” the race track is very interactive with the fans so I know they would be very willing to help. I would have the announcer call my boyfriend to the front on the grandstand in a “mock award presentation” for his career as a racecar driver but really have me take over the microphone and propose to him in front of close to a thousand fans at a place which he has loved since he was a child. 11. I would imagine that if I were going to propose to my boyfriend, it would have to be something super-nerdy. He's been working on a car-monitoring system for a while, with a small LCD set in the dash that displays info from some accelerometers and other stuff. I always figured that rigging it to display the message at a certain value would be a pretty spiffy way for one of us to do the question popping. I guess the ring would have to be kept in the glove box, or maybe a bag under the seat. 12. Geeks Love Platinum Too! My Platinum Proposal would be for my favorite Geek Squad technician Alex, aka my boyfriend, whose love (other than me of course!) is computers. Alex builds his own computers and is always buying new parts to upgrade his so I would first purchase something nice that he can install into his computer and wait until it comes in the mail. He is also quiet so a big scene is not his style, so something at home will have to do. I would start with a nice dinner for the two of us and make brownies, his favorite, for dessert. Then I would bring out the package for him to open, and impatient as he is he will want to install the part that night. He would open up the computer case and look inside. What’s this? Why is there a strange box in his computer case? He will take it out and open it up to show a beautiful platinum wedding band where I will get down on one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?” 13. My boyfriend and I are both interested in the Pirates Constructible Strategy Game, and my idea is to set up the ships and islands for the game and have the 'treasure' on one of the islands being the engagement ring! 14. I have never been a very competitive person but once I met my fiancé, Jason, I was thrust into a world of games, sports...and maybe a bit of trash talking. Our favorite game is foosball and we're quite the competitors especially since we now have our very own foosball table in Jason's "man cave". My plan is to have some friends over one evening for a game night. I would suggest a match up for some foosball with four of us. Jason and I would take opposite sides as we usually do. We would play back and forth scoring points but before the final point, our team would score one in the goal. In foosball when one team scores, the other retrieves the ball. My plan is to hide a box with the ring inside the ball deposit so when he reaches in, he will pull out his surprise! At that point I would profess my love and admiration of him...and his foosball skills...and ask if he will marry me. The only key to the proposal is that my team will have to score that goal. I guess I better start practicing! 15. There is a beautiful curved tree that juts out over Carnegie Lake in the Princeton Township; this would be the location of the proposal. As a graduate student at Princeton Seminary, in a long-distance relationship, I often take my boyfriend here to relax in the idyllic setting while I translate Greek and Hebrew passages. I have been working with Joshua (my significant other) on his Hebrew by translating the book of Ruth. The day of the proposal, I will give him the passage from Ruth 1:16-17, it reads, "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me." This beautiful ancient text is my commitment to him and our marriage. Upon his final translation of the text, I will recite it to him as my promise for us and ask if he will be my one true love for life. 16. My platinum proposal would take place while scuba diving. I would "plant" an oyster with a ring inside and while we're diving, find it and just watch the reaction. 17. My fiancé has been trying to get me to go backpacking since we've first met but the timing has never worked out. On our first trip this summer to Trinity alps in Northern California, I would make him a nice camper's dinner and while we enjoy the beautiful sunset over Emerald Lake I would tell him why I fell in love with him and can't wait for our life filled with new adventures! 18. My man likes to restore classic cars. I was thinking of asking him at one of the car shows with the help of the announcer. It would go something like this. After all the cars were judged, the announcer would start calling out the names of the trophy winners, and at the end he would call off my Tony as being the winner of a 1964 model (that being me). He would be confused because he doesn’t have a 1964 model. Instead of handing him the trophy, the announcer would hand him the ring box and I then would have the microphone and ask him to marry me in front of all his car buddies and family. I think it would be very clever, and it is car show season, too! 19. My boyfriend and I are car enthusiasts. We both love Volkswagens. We would love to open our own shop and rebuild cars for people. Our first car that we would like to work on together is a 1958 lowlight Karmann Ghia. My idea is to purchase a broken down Ghia and put it in the driveway as a surprise to him. While he is asleep, I can attach one end of the ribbon to his ring finger and the other end to the car. When he wakes up he will have to find where the ribbon goes, kind of like a maze. When he gets to the car he would see the set of keys with a ring attached, and a note that says Marry Me. 20. Roger and I have always had amazing things happen to us on the 21st of any month. He has been in martial arts since I can remember and was going to test for his black belt last year but unfortunately his nose got broken during sparing practice the weekend before his test. He has been practicing nonstop for a couple of months to be able to test again in October. The night of his testing, which happens to fall on the 21st of October, his family and I will be there to cheer him on and hopefully he will to able to accomplish his dream. After his ceremony, I will pull him to the side and say... Roger I am so proud of you and I know that in you I have found the person who makes me whole. The only man who I have been able to trust and give my whole heart to. I would do anything for you and I love you with all of my heart. The only thing that could make my life any happier is to have you as my husband for the rest of my life... Baby will you marry me? 21. He is in a bowling league and bowls every Tuesday night. He comes straight from work to the bowling alley. He bowls one practice game before the league starts. The night before I will visit him at home, get his bowling bag where he keeps his balls, glove and shoes and slip the ring on his bowling glove. I will fold the ring finger down so it doesn’t slip off. The next day, I will show up at the bowling alley before he gets there, find out which lane he will be bowling on and set up the monitor where he will program his name to read, "Will You Marry Me". So, as he is putting his glove on and getting ready to bowl, he will see the ring and see my proposal on the screen. I would then greet him in my hottest pair of jeans, to hear his resounding, YES! Truly Platinum!

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