Proposal Stories: Women Who Proposed, Part IV, Travel

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

In July 2009 we held an amazing contest. We gave away platinum wedding rings worth $4,500. To be entered in this contest, women had to tell us their stories of how THEY would (or did, or might) propose if they had been the ones to ask the question. The winner was chosen randomly, but we received so many amazing entries we just had to find a way to share some of them with you. Check back every week for a new article featuring a new proposal theme. This week, we give you stories of women who wanted to combine travel and their proposals. In keeping with the popularity of destination weddings, these women wanted to have destination proposals! (some stories have been edited for space reasons) 1. This proposal idea is pretty easy for me. My fiancé and I have had a long distance relationship from the start. Although we went to the same high school we did not know each other. Right before I was leaving to go to college, we got introduced at a party - we started dating shortly after. Over the next 5 years, he would come visit me whenever he could. After I graduated, I moved out to California to take a job, and he chose not to come with me. To many people's surprise, we stayed together the next two years that I was in California. So, if I would have popped the question to him...I would have wanted to surprise him. One day while he is busy working, I would get on a flight and fly back to Chicago. I would call him and pretend to still be in California. Then, I would drive over to his work and wait at his car for him to come out...then SURPRISE!!! 2. My fiancé is stationed on Okinawa Japan with the Air Force. We have been together for 2 years, and lived together for a time. We have been talking about getting married for about a year now. I went to visit him in January and we were having an AMAZING time. It was the first time we had seen in each other in 7 months. One day he took me to the Ruyuku Castle, which I had been dying to go to, since I researched it online before I left the states. We had just finished with the guided tour and started exploring ourselves. When we got right to the center of the courtyard I attempted to be interested in something I saw on the castle, so we paused. I looked at him, got down on one knee, and took his hand in mine. His first words were "Oh my God". I could see about a hundred people lining up with their cameras to watch the goings on. I swallowed my fear and pulled out a hollowed out sea shell that we had found on the beach earlier that trip. "Will you do me the honor of accepting me to be your lawful soulmate for the rest of our lives?" I asked. I saw a tear! Then he grabbed me up and swung me around and kissed me while flashes went off and we could hear clapping in our ears. The answer, was yes. And we are now getting married on September 20, 2009! 3. My boyfriend and I have been together for the past four years. We met back in high school through a National Forensics League tryout. The piece we used was by David Ives, entitled "Sure Thing." Coming from a small island, called Saipan, we weren't exposed to the lifestyles of the United States, until we went to college. My boyfriend has never been to San Francisco. So, if I were given the opportunity to propose to my boyfriend, I would bring him to a private screening of David Ives' play, "Sure Thing," in San Francisco. In doing so, I would to cast two actors who somewhat physically resemble us. They would perform the play until the final scene. I would take him onstage, where we would finish the scene as we did during high school. Only this time, instead of saying the final line, I would POP my platinum proposal. If and when he says yes, my life will be complete... without miles between us, static phone calls, and pixelated webcam chats. 4. My platinum proposal would begin in Florida on St.George Island on our vacation this summer. I would take my boyfriend on a walk on the beach at sunset. Walking along talking about our future and everything we've been through over they years. Then I would lead him to my favorite spot on the beach, near the boardwalk with crashing waves all around. I would tell him how much I love and adore him, the sun would be setting and the sky would be a million shades of orange and pink, and the water would be sparkling. I would tell him I cannot imagine a future without him in it, and the years I've spent with him have been the happiest I've ever had. Then I would ask him to spend the rest of his life with me, and ask him to be my husband. I want to be with him now and forever. 5. The very first date my fiancé and I ever went on was one I’ll never forget. He took me to a beach in his hometown that had a huge rock wall that extended far into Lake Michigan. This is where we had our very first kiss in the setting sun overlooking the lake. Two years later we were back at the beach and we had a small picnic dinner to celebrate our anniversary. As the sun was setting, I pulled him close for a kiss while I reached into the picnic basket for my surprise. I pulled out a single red rose with a ring tied to it and asked, “Will you marry me?” He looked at me with astonishment and replied, “Yes!... But now what am I supposed to do with this? (He brought out the little black box). Had you waited another 5 minutes I could have done the asking you silly girl!” It was so cute and I never saw it coming because I was too excited about my own plans for him! 6. I would take him away for the weekend, to a cabin up in the mountains, we both love the peace and quite. We would have a romantic seafood dinner, that's his favorite food (not so much mine). I would make a fire in the fireplace and get the whirlpool tub ready for a nice relaxing bath for him. I would make a delicious dessert as he soaked in the tub. When he was finished with his bath, we would eat our chocolate mouse by the fire on the floor, using our fingers. Afterward, I would look him in the eyes and lovingly stroke his hand, and say, “I love you, with my heart, body and soul. I want to go to bed with you every night, and wake up with you every morning. I want to grow old with you. I know we have this connection, this bond, but I want to strengthen this relationship... will you be my husband, will you share this beautiful world with me, will you marry me?" He would say, "Why would you marry me, I have no employment?" "Because I love you, you're the only man I want." I would reply. 7. Since my guy is a former Marine, I plan on getting him on the base (I have stickers) blindfolded. Then I would bring him to his old squad room and sit him down, still blindfolded and have all his former staff surround us and I would thank him for all his service and bravery fighting in two tours in Iraq, then I would get down on one knee.... and ask him to marry me! 8. Although I was proposed by my guy after 9 years of dating, had he waited any longer, I would've taken the jump and proposed myself. First off, I would propose at a destination that had the combinations of food, gambling, and great entertainment. Where else can you find all three, but Vegas. Before getting to Vegas, I would contact someone at the hotel that we were staying at. Since he loves playing Roulette, I would ask if they would be able to post the question on the Roulette board as he was playing. The day of, we’ll go to a nice restaurant for dinner and then off to the casino. He’ll walk around the room trying to scan which table game he wants to play. There will be this one Roulette table (that has already been preset by me) that shows the number 26 being hit consistently. He’ll approach that table immediately because 26 is his favorite number. He’ll play a couple of rounds and then on one round, instead of the number popping up, the question would come up instead. I’m sure that he would be surprised. 9. My boyfriend and I have been planning our wedding since February 2009. Our lives are crazy and revolve around college schedules, work schedules, and slivers of scattered vacation days. We’ve found a perfect weekend, in our favorite mountain town, to tie the knot May 2010. We are having a great time planning our quirky, creative wedding on a seriously short shoestring budget! Here’s the clincher though, we aren’t officially engaged. I know I know, we sound like crazies, but it’s important for us to be able to stand on our own feet, with at least one of us in a stable job post-graduation before we proclaim our engagement to the world. Thankfully, he has a great new job and I’m ready to get these marriage plans out in the open! A friend of ours offered us her condo in Honolulu for a week this summer and thanks to the $300 round trip tickets we scored, we will be experiencing Hawaii for the first time! This will be the most perfect place for me to propose…at sunset…on the beach…with a flower in my hair and holding his hand (no kneeling…not my style). Sigh. Perfection. 10. My guy and I have been together for almost five years, and have known each other for our entire lives. It's a given that we're going to be spending our lives together, but if I wait for him to propose, who knows when it will happen? So I plan to take matters into my own hands and POP a platinum proposal that he can't refuse! We vacation every summer in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. One of the highlights of our trip is walking on "Diamond Beach," where we look for stones called Cape May Diamonds (really just quartz crystals that resemble translucent pebbles). This summer, I'm going to plant a treasure of my own, a large Cape May Diamond on which I've written "Marry Me?" Then I'll let my guy "find" it. This proposal is a true platinum idea because my motives, like platinum itself, are pure! 11. I have been with my guy going on 10 years. We have talked about marriage many times and have 2 children together. We are very happy and would like to go further. Money is our only issue. We live in Huntsville, AL. We have a very romantic park there and I believe I would take him there with our children and propose on the red bridge over looking the lake. We are planning a trip to Seattle next month and I would love to elope there. It would be wonderful if we could use the ring money for the actual wedding. I love Eric and I truly know he is the one for me. I would love to win this contest and would be eternally grateful. 12. I have known Ben since our senior year in high school in 2001. He has always been on of my best friends, and closest confidants. Although we were both previously married to different people, we always made time to come together and give strength to one another as great friends. Two years ago my marriage fell apart and he was there for me, trying to help me put it back together, even though he knew he loved me. He has always done what he thought was best for my happiness, over his own. He calls me his Goddess, like Athena, and he is my Champion. Now, I want to make him happy. Because of his time in the Navy he really enjoys travel. I would arrange for us to each have time off from work and fly to Athens for a vacation. On an evening tour near the Parthenon, I'd tell him how through all the things we have been through, we still came together, and that it would make me indescribably happy if he would be my husband and stand with me through it all no matter. 13. My boyfriend of several years and I take a trip to the Caribbean every year with a large group of friends. We always have a fabulous time and are at our happiest of the whole year on these trips. There’s plenty of adventure with diving, snorkeling and horseback riding, but it’s also a very romantic week with the beautiful scenery, gourmet meals and desserts and all the pampering we receive in the spas and at the resort. Having married young and been through a very painful divorce in my mid-20’s, I’ve always been opposed to remarriage and never thought I’d want to do it again, much to my boyfriend’s dismay. This year, I’ve made secret plans for a private dinner at our favorite restaurant in Turks & Caicos – beachside and candlelit. I’m going to let my favorite person in the whole world know that I am 100% certain I want to spend the rest of my life with him. 14. Although I am already married, I am excited about the possibility of proposing to my husband. He proposed to me almost 9 years ago now, and it was rather unromantic because I wasn’t feeling well at the time. Winning these rings would make our proposal something very exciting to talk about with our family and friends. Based on the timing of this contest, I could do my proposal to him on the anniversary of our wedding (in early October) or on the anniversary of his proposal to me (in early November). When I propose to him, we would go over to Fort De Soto’s North Beach in the St. Pete/Clearwater area, walk on the beach, watch the sunset while enjoying some sushi and wine together, walk on the beach some more, and retire to a hotel room overlooking the Gulf. I can't wait. 15. I would like to take my boyfriend on a trip to New York, because he's never been there and he said he always wanted to go. I would pop my platinum proposal in the middle of Times Square where the ball drops for New Years. I would want this to be the most memorable moment in both of our lives and something we could talk about for years to come. He's been an remarkable partner and he deserves a proposal that is nothing short of remarkable. 16. We have a long distance relationship. He lives in Florida. I live in California. It's difficult many nights with the time difference. There was one Saturday that we actually spent more than 17.5 hours on the phone with each other. And there have been a couple work nights when he didn't go to sleep at all so that he could talk to me. I have my my cell phone bill for proof. I know he is the one and I believe he sees me as the one. I would just straight out tell him that I love him, take out a one-way plane ticket with a ring on top.

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