Recycled Bride: 5 Eco-Fabulous Wedding Favors

By Azure Nelson, Published Aug 16, 2010

About Recycled Bride Gift your guests in green style! Summer wedding guests deserve something special to commemorate your celebration. These eco-friendly favors are vibrant, sunny, and as good for your guests as they are for the Earth. 1. Take a cue from recent bride Chelsea Clinton, and give your guest reusable tote bags that they can use in place of paper or plastic. Chelsea's wedding favors included an orange tote from a local shop filled with products from a neighboring Farmer's Market, and a bottle of wine from the nearby Clinton vineyard. For your favors, try this stylish green tote made of natural cotton, either on its own or filled with locally-made goodies. 2. Bloembox Tiny Tins Plantable Seed Favors are favors so pretty they double as decor. Each tin is topped with a colorful silk bloom corresponding to the type of plantable seeds within. Both beautiful and practical, these environmentally friendly favors are each wrapped with a wonderful message for your big day: “Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower." 3. Charity Wedding Favors that benefit an organization like The Rainforest Alliance or The Sierra Club let you and your guests celebrate helping the environment. To let everyone know about the donation you've made in their honor, choose a place card, tent card, or postcard to leave on each plate. 4. These adorable mini flower pots make an inspiring wedding favor for your special day. They don't come with flowers, so you can DIY it and plant your own, or fill the pots with seeds, chocolates, almonds, or leave them as-is. These favors also double as escort cards, saving you an extra expense. 5. Chocolate truffle boxes from Sweet Earth Chocolates contain the perfect post-wedding treat: delicious truffles that are 100% organic and fair trade. They come in a gold or silver truffle box that can be customized with your names, wedding date, and a one line message to your guests! Will you incorporate an eco-chic element into your wedding guest favors? If so, what will be your green favor of choice?

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