Recycled Bride: 5 Fabulous Eco-Chic Bridesmaids Gifts

By Azure Nelson, Published Jun 7, 2010

About Recycled Bride Five unique and eco-chic gift ideas for your girls! Unlike most of the guests attending your wedding, bridesmaids actually have a job to do. So how will you thank them for all of the rehearsing and planning, the moral support and hugs, the dress fittings and hours of photos and train bustling and holding your dress up while you make a big-day bathroom run? With bridesmaids gifts! And the very best presents are the ones that nurture the planet while making your 'maids smile. So grab your credit card and let's go eco-shopping- these are my 5 fave bridesmaids gifts of the season! 1. Personalized birthstone necklaces from VivaTerra let you give each of your girls a necklace that's uniquely theirs. Choose one stone based on birth month, or several that show off different astrological elements particular to each bridesmaids birth date. It's a gift that's thoughtful and thoughtfully produced, handmade by artisans from Earth-friendly materials. 2. Green Yoga Must-Haves Give the gift of great health and wellness with eco-friendly yoga mats and Deluxe Yoga Bags from the Green Bride Guide's fantastic new Green Gift Shop. The yoga mats are made from all-natural rubber that's softened without harsh chemicals and toxins. The incredible Deluxe bag is made of water-resistant recycled fabric, holds keys and accessories, and is great for travel. 3. The Green Starter Kit from eBay's World of Good is super cool, super affordable, and gets your girls started on the road to greener living. It contains a selection of the most popular items from eBay's people-positive, eco-positive World of Good marketplace, including a cool stainless steel water bottle, stylish reusable bags, and fab eco-beauty products, all beautifully packaged in a recycled paper gift bag. You'll want one for yourself, too! 4. Chic Recycled Clutch What's not love about this Recycled Foil Wrapper Clutch Bag? They're made in Mexico from foil candy wrappers. This is a great example of "upcycling"- turning a material into something new without using any energy to break it down first. These are real candy wrappers, and you can even still smell the sweets they held! Colorful, fun, and socially responsible, these bags are produced and purchased under Fair Trade conditions. 5. Gift a Tree If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? I have no idea! But I do know that the more trees we can plant and maintain, the better. Our friends at The Arbor Day Foundation make it easy to give the gift of trees. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the enduring contribution you've made to our environment in their honor. Do you have a favorite eco-chic shop or bridesmaids gift? Did I miss out on something cool? Please share in the comments!

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