Recycled Bride: Eco-Friendly Wedding Shoes

By Azure Nelson, Published Jun 21, 2010

About Recycled Bride Green shoes (in every color!) for the green bride and her bridesmaids! Wedding-day shoes come in all different colors and styles, from sparkly stilettos to hip multi-hued Mary Janes. And while there are plenty of conventional sources for your bridal heels and bridesmaids' shoes, today I'm going to introduce you some of the best new styles in a growing market for eco-friendly shoes. What makes a shoe eco-friendly? Most green shoes are made of sustainable or recycled materials, and/or animal-free materials that include leather alternatives and cruelty-free fabrics. While these materials are usually synthetics, they're generally low-impact synthetics like microfiber that have a much smaller carbon footprint and produce less waste than traditional leather, suede and satins. Below are my top picks for eco-chic bridal kicks... 1. Trendy and eco-friendly, Terra Plana offers a wide variety of ballet flats and high heels. Their Sandy ballerina flat, with a bow detail, has eco memory foam for comfort while you dance the night away, all on a recycled sole. For every shoe purchased, Terra Plana will donate to Greenpeace in support of their 'Slaughtering the Amazon' campaign. 2. Charmone is where style-conscious feet meets socially conscious shoe design. Charmone's mission is to create charming women's shoes in harmony with animals, people and the environment. Made sweatshop-free in Italy and Brazil, Charmone's shoes are constructed from animal-free materials and low-polluting microfiber. You won't find any plain white satin here! The collection is filled with whimsical styles, bright patterns, and fun colors. 3. Super-chic fashion designer Stella McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian, and makes all of her clothing and shoes without leather. Her eco-friendly shoe selection includes cork stilettos, made from faux nappa straps and recycled cork insoles. These shoes are for the cutting-edge fashionista bride who also wants comfort and sustainability for her walk down the aisle. 4. olsenHaus is an all-vegan shoe collection featuring pretty bridal pumps and fancy footwear made of recycled industrial waste from televisions, and with soles made of composite rubber. All olsenHaus shoes are 100% animal-free and cruelty-free, and the company adheres to a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and the environment. Products are made of non-animal materials, in sample rooms and factories that are personally checked for ethical practices & environmental impact. Will you go eco-chic with your bridal heels??

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