Recycled Bride: Eco-Wedding Cakes

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 22, 2010

About Recycled Bride Satisfy your sweet tooth sustainably with these delicious wedding cakes Go ahead -- splurge! Earth-friendly wedding cakes are just as delicious, rich, and beautiful as their conventional counterparts. We've got some of the world's sweetest ideas for kinder, gentler wedding cakes and desserts. Vegan bakeries like Sweet and Organic and BabycakesNYC are popping up everywhere, and it's no wonder -- their cakes are even tastier than conventional sweets, and they're 100% guilt-free! Vegan bakeries use no animal products, so their carbon footprint is significantly lower than regular bake shops, and many also source ingredients that are Fair-Trade and organic. So how do they get their desserts to taste so good? Babycakes uses organicspelt flour, rice flour, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, agave nectar, and other wholesome ingredients that create a surprisingly rich wedding cake. I've sampled the treats from both Babycakes and my local vegan fave Real Food Daily, and I can promise that your guests will never know the difference (but their waistlines might!). Organic wedding cakes are different from vegan sweets. An organic cake may contain animal-derived ingredients like butter and eggs, but they'll be of higher quality than conventional ingredients and come from farms where no pesticides or hormones are used, making them better for your guests and the planet -- and better-tasting too. Can't find organic? Just ask your local bake shop to substitute organic ingredients for conventional. For inspiration, check out iconic organic cake baker Sarah Magid's sweet creations. Using local and seasonal ingredients is another way to be an earth-loving, low-carbon bride. Choose seasonal fruits to decorate your cake instead of fondant and sugar flowers. You'll save money and eliminate added sugars and high-carbon processed ingredients. Fresh berries, plums or apricots are as decorative as they are delicious, and will make your cake into a natural wonder. You can even add local herbs like jasmine and mint to add color and scent to your cake. Who says you need a wedding cake at all? Take a cue from Amy Atlas's incredible dessert tables and create a super-chic, affordable dessert spread using local and organic sweet treats. Shop your local farmer's market and organic grocer for cookies, chocolates and candies made with sustainable ingredients. Dress up your desserts by putting them in recycled glass jars and vases, or on vintage trays and platters. Add a stack of personalized recycled paper bags or gift boxes, and your desserts can double as wedding favors. Helpful Links: Green Wedding Ideas Find Your Wedding Cake Baker Sweet Wedding Cake Alternatives

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