Recycled Bride: Greener Wedding Photography

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 29, 2010

About Recycled Bride Preserve your memories and the Earth Wedding photography has gone almost entirely digital, which makes the entire industry relatively eco-friendly. Eliminating film and prints saves tons of resources, but there's still a lot more that you can do to minimize waste, conserve, recycle, and support your local economy when choosing a wedding photographer. Greener Photography is a great place to start. This trusted non-profit resource can help you find green wedding photographers in your area. Certified members are vetted to ensure that they uphold GP's four core values: Preservation, Reduction, Local Production, and Cruelty-Free photography, and their mission is to drive industry standards for environmental awareness and pollution reduction. Cypress Albums offers beautiful, museum-quality archival photo albums and storage boxes made from 100% recycled or tree-free content. Their albums and boxes are free of chlorine bleach, made without animal products, use non-toxic glues, and are created in the USA by artisans who receive fair wages. Cypress albums are exceptionally high-quality and you can choose your cover from a variety of luxurious fabrics. For couples on a budget, Cypress offers self-mount albums, which let you insert your own photos into an elegant pre-made photo book. If your photographer doesn't work with an eco-friendly printer, let them know about Cypress! Frame your favorite shots with Green House Framing, where you'll find chic frames made entirely from reclaimed wood. You can also search Etsy for handmade and eco-friendly photo frames. Or if you want to try something completely sustainable and...ahem...unique, frame your pics in elephant dung! Elephant Dung Paper makes picture frames, stationary, and journals out of the waste produced by Sri Lankan elephants (a truly sustainable resource!). The frames are completely bacteria and odor-free, sport cute signature elephant icons, and will make for endlessly entertaining conversations about conservation with your friends and family. The most important thing to remember for greening your wedding photography is to conserve, conserve, conserve. Request that your photographer shoot entirely in digital. View your proofs online instead of having them printed. Make sustainable choices when it comes to your album, and you'll enjoy your Earth-friendly photos for years to come! Helpful Links: Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas Find Wedding Vendors

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