Reese Witherspoon's Rare Ashoka Diamond Engagement Ring

By Azure Nelson, Published Jan 5, 2011

Matrimony Monday is the biggest day of the year for wedding planning. And even a-list celebs in Hollywood jumped on the engagement band wagon this year! Reese Witherspoon is officially engaged, and her engagement ring rock is a stunner! Of course, the setting is platinum and the diamond is brilliant! Reese's ring features a 4-carat Ashoka diamond, and pave diamonds sparkle in the platinum setting. The engagement ring, custom-designed by William Goldberg, has an antique feel and the cut is pure elegance. And while platinum is the rarest metal around, Reese's Ashoka diamond is even more rare. Less than 10% of rough diamonds have the ability to be cut this intricately, since an Ashoka features 62 displayed facets. Now that's some serious bling! Check out the Ashoka diamonds from William Goldberg below... totally drool-worthy, aren't they??

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