Retro Super 8 Wedding Films- Still Swooning...

By Azure Nelson, Published May 26, 2011

After seeing this film on the Once Wed blog, I discovered Joel Serrato Films. If you love vintage, you're in for a treat... Serrato creates short wedding films using a 1960's film format called 'Super 8'. Super 8 films have a raw vintage feel, and when I watched Joel Serrato's wedding Super 8s, I was speechless. I had goosebumps (and may have shed a tear). Now, I am a flower child hippie at heart but a film like this would be a true treasure to even the most modern, contemporary bride. These wedding films are hip (the style brings to mind Blow, one of my favorite movies) and so romantic. Just imagine watching you and your groom in one of these wedding Super 8s 10, 20 years down the road. Can you tell I'm smitten? :)

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