Rock 'n Roll Bride: Pink Hair and Her Mother's Wedding Dress

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Rock 'n Roll Bride Happy Monday! I hope you have all had an awesome weekend. I have an absolutely amazing wedding to bring into your lives today - pink haired bride oh yes! Normally when I find a wedding as fabulous as this I feature it straight away on Rock ‘n Roll Bride, however I thought this would be an amazing wedding to share with you as it really encompasses everything I love about rock n roll weddings! The Bride, Ingo, wore her mother's wedding dress that was dramatically altered by makeup artist/designer Erin Skipley, resulting in a truly unique creation that still has the sentimentality of wearing the same dress her mother did when she married. My favourite thing about the whole wedding has got to be the fact that the couple did not choose to take one of their names forward into their married life, the both changed their name to Pixel, starting their new lives with a brand new (flippin’ awesome!) name. I will be featuring some more of photographer Jenny Jimenez’s photography over the next few weeks on Rock n Roll Bride, so be sure to come over and check back often! Rock ‘n Roll Bride promotes individuality and general awesomeness in a cookie cutter, pastel pink, poufy dressed wedding world. Don’t let the wedding industry define your day – let *you* define your day. Kat is a 24 year old wedding obsessive and blogger from Reading, UK. For more posts like this, kooky real wedding inspiration and general wedding greatness, come check her out at

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