Rock 'n Roll Bride: Three-Ringed Circus-Themed Weddings!

By Rock 'n Roll Bride, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Rock 'n Roll Bride Here we go then, my debut as not only a Savvy Scoop guest blogger but any guest blogger. I am super excited (and shh! a teeny bit nervous – please play nice with the new girl). Quite apart from the lengthy and wordy bio I’ve already shared with you (I’ve never been a girl short of words) there are a couple of things you should know about my blogging style over at Rock ‘n Roll Bride (or R’nR Bride as it is slowly becoming affectionately known as…re-writing ‘Rock ‘n Roll Bride’ every other word really does take it out of my typing fingers… 1. My posts are primarily visual – I like to post photographs, a lot of photographs, and structure my posts around them 2. I feature unique, offbeat and kooky nuptials. This doesn’t mean these weddings have to be super crazy, uber cool or totally out there – they’re just weddings that reflect who the couple really are. I have found that in some ways, places that promote exclusively ‘alternative’ weddings like this are almost more elitist then traditional ones! At R’nR Bride you won’t feel ostracised for wearing a red dress but similarly you won’t feel excluded for not wearing a red dress! Get it? 3. In my R’nR Bride life I’m always nice. If I don’t like something I just won’t post it, what’s the point of sharing something and slagging it off? I spend enough time in my real life being bitchy (believe me, my friends will back this up!) so I figure let’s all get along in the blogging world! Is that cool with you? Ok, so intro over lets get on with the fabulous wedding I’ve selected as my first on Savvy Scoop. I chose this circus themed wedding for three main reasons – the green dress, the tattooed Bride (you’ll soon get to realise that tattooed Brides are one of my biggest obsessions) and the moustaches! I have never really ‘got’ the whole ‘tache at weddings thing, but apparently it’s a big deal – just as Bride’s in converse trainers and cupcakes are a big deal. Aaaaaanyway, enough of my rambling, lets get on with the photographs shall we!? Thanks for having me and I look forward to seeing you same time, same place, next week. Feel free to meander over to for maaany many more weddings just as awesome as this one!

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