Round 2- Wedding Day Makeup Tips from Richard Class of Bluemercury!

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Hey Savvy Scoopers! Our fabulous resident make-up expert, Richard Class, is back with some marvelous products from Laura Mercier that one Savvy Scoop reader will win this Friday. And, if you find yourself in the Chicago-area and want to learn the tricks of the makeup trade in-person, you can reach Richard at 773.327.6900 to schedule an appointment! Without further adieu, a second priceless product tutorial from the talented and highly-coveted, Mr. Class... With May underway, we are already in the throws of wedding season. Brides are popping up all over the place looking plucked, waxed, tanned, toned and made-up. With all of the grooming and preparation I know brides are taking part in, the last thing I should see on their faces is shine. A simple glow? Absolutely. But when I see my reflection in the cheek of a blushing (dare I say oily as well) bride-to-be, I develop an uncanny urge to attack the poor thing with a blotting towel. Lucky for this group of brides-to-be, I’m giving away the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder set which includes: Mineral Primer, Mineral Powder, Bronzer and Highlighter. Laura Mercier expanded on her Flawless Face collection with finely milled powders composed entirely of natural elements to promote healthy skin growth and fight the aging process. Minerals are great for those with sensitive skin or prefer all natural and organic ingredients. Benefit for brides, you ask? This product line creates a flawless finish equipped with that beautiful dewy glow. Most importantly, using the Laura Mercier Mineral Powders will control oil to maintain a matte finish, which is perfect for wedding photos, while allowing you to create that so desired dewy look. Your wedding weekend (or week) is exhausting. Long days, longer nights and lots of time spent running around and handling last minute preparations. We all know stress can absolutely ruin a good face, and the entire wedding process can leave skin exhausted (in some cases, dehydrated from all of those celebratory cocktails you have or will be consuming.) Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder set will nourish your skin and keep it looking healthy for your big day and beyond. Yesterday you learned a little about each of these products. Today, you’re going to learn exactly how to use them. 1. Mineral Primer: Start by shaking a small bit of the Mineral Primer in the cap. Take the big brush and grind the powder into the bristles (use a little force behind this, ladies.) Apply the primer all over the face. The face will turn slightly pale, but don’t fret. The purpose of the primer is to create an even, prepared pallet for the rest of the makeup application. Make sure this product is applied all over for best results. 2. Mineral Foundation: Start by shaking a small bit of Mineral Foundation in the cap. Then, with the same big brush as used for the Mineral Primer, grind the Mineral Foundation into the bristles. Apply all over the face, below the jaw bones, into the hairline and carefully around the nose and mouth. Gals, you want product to fully cover your face, just like the primer. 3. Bronzer (aka Mineral Illuminating Powder): Start by shaking a tiny bit into the cap. Then, with the small feathered brush, grind the bronzer into the bristles. Take the brush and gently stroke it along the cheek bones, a bit on the forehead and slightly around the jaw bones. Caution: a little goes a long way with this product so be careful with the amount you are using. If necessary, use the big brush to blend. 4. Highlighter (aka Mineral Cheek Powder): I’m sure you can guess the first step, but in case it hasn’t set in yet, start by shaking a little bit of the product into the cap. Then, with the angled brush, grind the highlighter into the bristles. Take the brush and dab lightly over the cheek bones and eyebrow bones. The highlighter is the final step for creating the ultimate dewy glow. There you have it, ladies! The Laura Mercier Mineral Powder set creates a picture perfect wedding day look. To ensure your bridesmaids look almost as breathtaking as you do, pickup the Mineral Powder set for them too. The last thing anyone wants is a bunch of shiny-faced wedding photos! Stay Pretty, Richard

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