Run Away with Me… And Elope!

By, Published Aug 28, 2012

I didn't do it because of the budget; I did it out of love. I did it out of love for my horribly shy husband who didn't want to say his incredibly mushy vows in front of an audience. And because I hated planning my wedding. Yeah yeah... I know, I married a SHY man AND I'm a wedding planner who was so uninterested in planning my own wedding that my mom actually asked me if I still wanted to marry the poor guy. Right? Pretty pathetic... But, it all worked out! How? We went to Vegas... That's how!

I gotta say, I LOVE Vegas. Seriously, this is going to sound like I'm on drugs, but I love Vegas so much because of the way it makes me feel when I am there. Seriously, I feel completely invincible and lit. And you know what I found out? So does my husband... the shy guy who's not so shy in Sin City.

Brideys, I am not suggesting that you all go elope. I don't want EVERY mother and father in America angry at me because I suggested throwing in the towel and running to the airport. I am simply suggesting that you do what is best for you, and say f*ck the rest. Vegas worked for us; a wedding didn't. And if you can't afford to do a wedding up the way your want to, or if you are feeling extremely pressured by those who "mean well", then maybe eloping is the answer for you. But... I am not giving you permission to be a bitch, but rather to decline gracefully from the pressure of others.

And if you do decide on Vegas... The bonus? MONEY baby! Because we didn't spend nearly as much as we anticipated with a "regular" wedding, we were able to start our marriage with a savings account. We are able to enjoy the time we spend together because we can afford vacations, fancy dinners, etc. And we know that we truly did it for each other, and not for the bullshit.

No matter what you do, it's important to stay grounded, and do what's best for the two of you. But remember your manners and stay Bitchless! And don't forget to watch the Bitchless Bride video rant with my parents!! Turns out some of you brideys are crushing on my dad!

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