Selling Your Used Wedding Dress Online: Top Tips

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 3, 2011

Special to OneWed by Gabi Gesch from Selling things online can be somewhat intimidating, especially when you are selling something as expensive and precious as your wedding dress. Here are some helpful tid-bits for when you’re ready to sell your preowned wedding dress online. After choosing a site to list your dress on, such as, there are some very important things to consider when posting your item. 1. Sell ASAP – If you know you’re going to eventually sell your dress, list your dress sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the lower your price will be. Style changes over time, and so does demand. If you wait to sell your dress, the demand for the style or designer may go down compared to when you purchased it. Basically, if you want the most “bang for your buck”, sell your dress as soon as it becomes available to sell. By doing so, you are more likely to sell it at a higher price than if you waited next year. 2. Appearance – Women will be clicking on photos of your dress, so you want to make sure it’s a good picture. The better the picture, the more likely your gown will be viewed (which quickens the selling process). Don’t be shy; take a picture of you in the dress. Viewers will then have a better idea of what the dress looks like on an actual person rather than on a hanger or on a rail thin model. If you don’t want your head in the shot, simply crop it out before posting. Be sure your pictures are good quality and in focus. Remember, your photos are a big part of your sales pitch, so make sure they are great. 3. Pricing – Not all previously owned wedding dresses are previously used wedding dresses. When listing a dress that was never worn, for whatever the reason, the price will still need to be less than the retail price. Just like a car, it looses value after it leaves the store. We recommend 25% off the original retail price or sale price. Also keep in mind the age of the dress. The older the dress, the greater the discount. For example, a dress that is five years old or older, 60% off the original price or sale price would be appropriate. For the dress that was previously “loved”, we recommend a 50% discount. 4. Description – Besides photos, the written description and details are very important when selling a pre-owned wedding dress. Including measurements, preservation methods, designer, and the dress style number will increase your chances for a successful sale. Many buyers will use this information to find the dress in a store in order to try it on before purchasing online. A thorough description of the dress will tell potential buyers what pictures cannot. Damages, stains and alterations should also be mentioned so that there are no surprises after purchase. Do you plan on selling your bridal gown after you've said I Do? If so, follow these simple tips to ensure the successful sale of your new or pre-owned wedding dress.

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