Sh*t Grooms Say

By admin, Published Dec 20, 2012

Although we've accomplished very little since becoming engaged about six weeks ago, I'm having way too much fun wedding planning with my groom! We don't have our date or a venue picked out (which has been interesting, seeing as everyone that learns we're engaged wants to know the date)... but once the holidays wrap up, it is full steam ahead!

And I'll have my work cut out... because some of Reid's ideas for our wedding are pretty outrageous (in the best way possible). Example: While attending a black tie wedding in Milwaukee recently, Reid announced to the entire table that the type of wedding he wants is one that, "you can wear sweatpants to." Say what?! Yea... that's an idea he won't be pushing through! And lucky for me, one mention of the "Pimps" and "Maids" tracksuits at Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's wedding was enough to get Reid to say sayonara to his sweatpants dreams.

So, what type of color palette might my sweats-loving groom have in mind? I'll give you one guess... dark blue and orange, the colors of his beloved (and perpetually disappointing) Chicago Bears. Now, I love our Bears but they won't be inspiring our wedding color palette! Unless it looks something like the below!

Compromising on Wedding Colors with the Groom

My interpretation of a Bears-inspired color palette

What other wild ideas has my groomie brought to the table?

  • A 3-hole put put course and other sports games to entertain guests at the reception
  • Our 75 pound puppy walking our rings down the aisle (this one I love, assuming our pup can learn not to jump before we say I Do)
  • 'Let's get a dunk tank for the reception!' (I think a drunk tank would be more appropriate!)
  • Using his parent's home as our wedding venue (great idea in theory, but could be a recipe for disaster)

Don't you just love his creativity?! And there's plenty more where that came from! I know your groom has had some crazy visions of his own, so share them in the comments section below. Or tweet us up at @OneWed and tell us the...

Memorable Sh*t Grooms Say—GO!

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