Small Ways to Level Up the Geekery of Your Wedding

By Dana LaRue, Published Oct 17, 2012

While some weddings may go full-blown geekification in theme, a lot of couples would rather keep their hardcore geekery on the subtle side when it comes to their big day. 

Want to share your love for Doctor Who and R2D2, but don't want your entire wedding plastered with the T.A.R.D.I.S. and Death Star? Thanks to sites like Etsy, you can let your (tiny) geek flag fly. From card boxes to jewelry, you can show your fangirl side without turning your wedding into Comic Con. 

Displaying photos of you and your man throughout the reception? Why not get some help from Mario and Peach by using these adorable picture frames.

Oh Han and Leia, a couple that truly exemplefies badassery. She can shoot those laser guns while he navigates toward Mos Eisley. They outsmart dubious villians from Jabba the Hut to Greedo. She loves him. He knows. You and your Star Wars fan can rock wedding bands sporting Han and Leia's famous exchange.

If the Caped Crusader is the one you lust after, show it by sporting this rhinestone pendant. Subtle, but it sends the right signal. No joking.

If it's the tenacity of Link and Zelda that you're after, why not display this box with the Hylian Crest and let it catch those sweet wedding cards that are sure to pile up?

Wibbly wobbly timey winey. Embark through space and time with your eternal love, and toast to the future and future of futures with a copule of these Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. adorned wine glasses. Cheers!

Braaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssssss. Ready to take on the Zombie Apocolypse with your beloved by your side? Then get the party started by adorning your wine bottles with custom labels, such as the Zombie Virus one above.

If you don't fancy real flowers and you really fancy 8 bit, here's your solution. Strategically placed 8 bit bouquets will reveal your gamer personality and probably induce a few smiles.

And of course, no mildly geeky wedding guest book would be complete without Light Saber pens. While the ink may be black, there's no dark side to adding a little pep to your pens. 

Are you showing any of your geeky side at your wedding? What kind of personal touches are you throwing in?

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