Something More than Something Blue

By admin, Published Mar 6, 2012

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. What if the saying didn't stop there? What is the single "something" you would add to the list? A few creative ideas that come to mind...

Something from the groom—Isn't it fitting to wear something given to you by your groom when you walk down the aisle? We sure think so!

Something sentimental—Whether it's a love letter, an engagement keepsake, or a reminder of the moment you fell in love, incorporating something sentimental is a sweet take on tradition.

Something secret—Chances are you and your hubby-to-be have plenty of inside jokes. And we love the idea of walking down the aisle wearing something secret for your groom's eyes and mind only!

Since 2012 brides are all about bucking tradition, we thought that adding a fifth something to the Something Old, Something New... list was a great place to start! So now we want to know...


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