Spanish Bridal Couture Splashes Down

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Aug 10, 2012

Perusing Spanish Vogue to get inspiration for my, "Spain 2013" series on Bride Chic, I couldn't resist posting the latest a la mode off the runway from four of my favorite Spanish designers, Patricia Avendano, Rosa Clara,Yolan Cris  and Victorio Lucchino.

If I could sum up in a few words what's happening in Spanish bridal couture it would be a dose of modesty mixed up with pure flamboyance. Add in some good old fashioned Spanish tradition, like the donning of beautiful fans and mantillas to polish off the look. Amazing right?

Finally, originality is what Spanish designers do best. The head chic created by Avendano, Lucchino and Cris this season is absolutely magnificent. So are the extraordinary laces used by all four designers. Kudos to this quartet for bringing us so much inspiration...

Which of the four Spanish bridal designers gets your vote? Check out all the lovely below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

Patricia Avendano

Rosa Clara

Yolan Cris

Victorio Lucchino

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