Spice Up Your Wedding Reception with Creative Touches

By ceaster@themanregistry.com, Published May 2, 2012

Special to OneWed by Kara Horner of TheManRegistry.com

Starting to feel like every wedding reception you’ve been to looks the same? If you’re looking for some creative ideas to incorporate into your wedding day, don’t be afraid to think outside the traditional wedding box. There are plenty of ways to wow your guests and leave your mark on the big day. Here are a few concepts to consider that may help you spark your own unique ideas:

  • Scotch tasting bar. Love scotch (or tequila, martinis, wine, etc.)? Talk to your bar staff about arranging a special area for liquor tasting, where your guests can sample various types of scotch (such as the different Johnny Walker labels). Or set up a martini bar where guests can sample several different types of martinis, as well as stuffed olives to add to the flavor. Make sure to include special signage, drink menus, barware, napkins and/or décor to ensure that guests won’t miss this unique area.
  • Food truck. Have a fave local food truck that you and your fiancé frequent? See if you can reserve the truck to serve a few of your favorite treats at your wedding reception. Think mini burgers and fries, sandwiches and other tasty offerings.
  • S’mores bar. Talk to your caterer or venue to set up a bar focused on grown-up version of the traditional child-hood favorite, complete with graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, caramel, Nutella or liquer-infused dipping sauces in a toasting station. 
  • Sports bar. If there’s a big game on your wedding day, prevent guests from constantly checking their phones for the score and embrace it. Set up a small, special area at your reception with a big-screen TV where guests can periodically catch up on the action. Add a few game-day-style appetizers and special décor, such as a patch of Astroturf and barware and napkins with your fave team’s logo or mascot, to highlight the area.
  • Cupcake decorating station. Fun for kids and adults alike, consider offering a cupcake decorating area where guests can choose their favorite flavored cupcake and create their own masterpiece, complete with different icing options, sprinkles and other fun touches. 
  • Photo prop area. Talk to your photographer about setting up an area where guests can don costumes or props, such as masks or mustaches, and pose for fun photos together. These shots can add a bit of whimsy to your more traditional wedding day photos as well as entertain your guests.

Do you have a fun & creative wedding reception idea to share with us? We'd love to hear it!

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