Splurge Or Save: Adorable Sequin Pumps For Brides + Bridesmaids

By Dana LaRue, Published Nov 28, 2011

Just because you’re a budget-minded bride doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible to the latest trends. My current obsession, for example: sequin everything. Nothing makes me squeal like a 12 year old at a Hanson concert circa 1997 more than a sparkly pair of designer sequin pumps, or a cute little sequined party dress. But as much as we lust over names like Kate Spade, Vera Wang, or Jimmy Choo –  forking up several hundred dollars for a single pair of shoes puts a serious crimp in our wedding budget.

For example, you could pony up $325 for the GORGEOUS Kate Spades above, OR  you could just spring for these super cute $68 look-a-likes from “Night Moves by Allure”, and use that extra $250 (after tax) to upgrade to a nicer entrée for your reception dinner. Or you could use it to treat your entire bridal party to a full morning of divine wedding day pampering at the nail salon.


Wedding planning is riddled with little decisions just like this one – your job is to prioritize and decide in advance what’s worth saving on and what’s worth splurging on. Maybe you’ve longed for a fabulous excuse to treat yourself to a pair of designer pumps, and admittedly, your wedding is a pretty good one! But perhaps you don’t really see a $250 difference between these two pairs of shoes – that makes your decision easy-peasy!

But you tell us, brides – when it comes to wedding shoes, will you save or splurge?

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