Splurge or Save: Luxe Ooh La La Lingerie For Your Honeymoon Night - Yay Or Nay?

By Dana LaRue, Published Dec 20, 2011


  • What’s more tantalizing than a sexy splurge? We’ve tackled gowns, b-maid gifts, invites, and wedding shoes, but this week we’re discussing what you’re willing to spend on something your wedding guests will (hopefully) never see. If you’ve never priced frilly bras and panties at an upscale department store like Saks or Neiman Marcus, you might be SHOCKED (and possibly horrified) to know that a few pieces of silk and some beaded fringe could easily set you back as much as $600.
  • If you’ve got a little room in your wedding budget to splurge on something which will only (let’s be honest) make a brief guest appearance on your honeymoon night, I can totally understand. It IS your honeymoon, after all. HOWEVER, if you don’t plan on spending more than $600 on your actual wedding dress, you certainly won’t be doling out that kind of cash for frou frou delicates. And I’m right there with you. Pricey intimates are an extravagance a true Broke-Ass’ budget can simply not abide.
  • But let’s take a “Provocative Poll!” Brides, what dollar amount do you place on your honeymoon sexy time wardrobe? And which of these sexy chemises do you find more enticing - the splurge or the save?
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