Splurge Vs. Save: Non-Floral Bouquets & Centerpieces

By Dana LaRue, Published Jan 4, 2012

Hey, brides! Do you know what’s cheaper than fresh wedding flowers? Paper. I’m a big fan of crafty brides, and I love to see what a gal with a little DIY ingenuity can do. Broke-ass brides can save a ton if they opt to replace wedding staples like bridal bouquets, nosegays, and centerpiece arrangements with pretty paper flowers. Origami, anyone?

On the flip side, there are some other handmade options that are totally AMAZING, but not necessarily any cheaper than using a florist. Take for example, these gorgeous vintage brooch bouquets. Why would you ever pony-up $400 for a bouquet that will start wilting in 12 hours, when you could commission a beautiful, ever-lasting wedding souvenir instead? Instant heirloom!

But what do you think brides? Is paper best saved for your first year anniversary? Will vintage brooches really translate for future generations? Or are fresh blooms always best?

P.S.  If you love these unique wedding blooms, Princess Lasertron creates gorgeous ones, and is offering 20% off bouts and corsages during the month of January!

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